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Live Shopping!

Live shopping introduces new products that have just arrived and products with special live prices!


"I want to buy a product, but I'm worried about small scratches and accessories. I want to see it in action."

For such people, the staff will show the product on the screen and convey the appeal of the product live. It also has a chat function, so if you don't understand something, you can ask the staff a question.
Prices are negotiable depending on the item!

Handling brand

*The products introduced in the live show differ depending on the day.

Live schedule

Live venue

- Facebook

- Instagram (@arigatou_share_japan)

- Zoom
ID 835 085 5658
Pass 511745

If you register to participate, you will receive a notification before the live, which is convenient.

Live staff

How to join live

1. To participate in the live shopping, please register as a member of the ASJ site (free).

*We only accept bids from those who have registered their name, shipping address, and phone number.
We cannot accept bids from those who are not registered.

> Click here for member registration
> Flow of member registration-name, delivery address, phone number registration

2. You can participate in live shopping simply by accessing various sites on the delivery date and time.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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